Trained by the greatest spell casters in all of Gimble, Spinster serves as the clumsy comic relief of the series. Unfortunately, luck is RARELY on his side as he is plagued by the many mishaps he causes.
Leo is the fun-loving head of the Gimblian Guard. He is tasked with protecting the city against dangerous monsters, enemy attacks and insane mishaps from his own friends.
Wendy is a mother, reporter and an all-around independent woman. It’s through her clear thinking that the family home is still standing despite Spinster’s many disasters.
Princess Gimble
Heir to the Gimblian crown and all of it's riches, the Princess resides high above the city in a magnificent Castle. Despite being dressed in fancy gowns, she often wishes she could throw on a pair of pants and spend time with her friends.
A teller of tales (usually of himself) and a relative know-it-all, Millow is rarely known for being of any help. Whether it’s an injury or an important task he MUST do, Millow’s always running in the opposite direction of danger.
Franklin is the handyman and master inventor of Gimble. He’s usually successful with his work, except for the times Spinster or Millow lend a hand.
Beauford is Spinster's nephew and apprentice. He was recently adopted by his aunt and uncle when he accidentally teleported his parents into a parallel dimension.
General Kornn
General Kornn and his men are the sworn enemies of Gimble. They spend all their time devising ways to conquer Gimble and claim its land. While they are quite determined, they are rarely successful.
A powerful wizard, Mervin has dedicated his life to trying to best Spinster every chance he gets. Fortunately for Spinster, his plans rarely succeed.
April 22nd, 2024

Say hello to Carpe Doodle!

Carpe Doodle is a new anthology-type series I am exploring where different formats, styles and approaches might pop up. You MAY see reoccuring characters or storylines, but other times you might get a single strip that is not connected to anything else. This is all to say, I put together a series for the purpose of having fun with various techniques and series types. Hope you enjoy!




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