July 5, 2024

: Body Issues

April 22nd, 2024

Say hello to Carpe Doodle!

Carpe Doodle is a new anthology-type series I am exploring where different formats, styles and approaches might pop up. You MAY see reoccuring characters or storylines, but other times you might get a single strip that is not connected to anything else. This is all to say, I put together a series for the purpose of having fun with various techniques and series types. Hope you enjoy!




Misfits of Fandom

Misfits of Fandom is about a diverse group of kids dealing with everything from first dates to “geek” hobbies. If you spent your childhood watching the original Star Wars Trilogy hundreds of times or reading every issue of Detective Comics, then this is the series for you.
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The Gimblians

Visit a magical world with a motley group of little people known as The Gimblians. Share in their adventures as they fight off enemy attacks, giant monsters and poorly cast spells.
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